Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Kids Are Home!

The kids both came home from college last week. Denise finished her first year of college and moved back home for the summer. We now have her stuff spread out all over the house! Roger and I wondered - how could all of this stuff have come out of one small dorm room?

Cody got a summer job in Ashland, so he temporarily moved from Missoula, and stopped by last weekend. It was good to see him, and we're glad he has a job in his field.

Bear was very happy to see his best buddy, Denise.

Cody and Denise missed teasing each other the most!

It was great for Roger, because he had both kids home for Father's day. What more could a dad want? Well, maybe to go fishing and catch a big fish.....

Happy Father's Day to Roger, my Dad, and all the dads out there!

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